Earn Money Online by uploading videos on YouTube without having Google Adsense account. This seems to be strange, however it is possible with Freedom.

Make Money with your YouTube Videos without having Adsense Account. helps us to monetize our YouTube videos without having Adsense. And It also helps us to make money online.

This can be strange for people who are already using Adsense or applied for adsense account. As it doesn't require a huge signup. You just have to login with your YouTube account email id and they will verify your channel authenticity and your are done.,..

How to earn money online with YouTube Videos without Google Adsense?

You have to follow the steps given below:

1. Open

2. Click on Partner with us tab

3. Login using your YouTube channel email id

4. Once you are on Dashboard. On the home scroll down. And click on Add Channels Tab

5. You can add YouTube channels as much as you can

6. Now their support team will verify the authenticity of your channel

7. Once channel is verified. Ads will automatically start streaming between your videos to make you money

Monetize YouTube Videos to make money online


1. The only real requirement is no copyright content


Make money with Freedom


1. Revenue share

2. No minimum payout

3. Ownership etc.

Earn Money Online Uploading Videos on Youtube without Adsense


Every youngster is busy in creating unique video and uploading it on YouTube. However they dont have sufficient subscribers and views to apply for adsense account to monetize their videos.

Now it is possible with Freedom without having Google Adsense account. So what are you waiting for?

Sign up now and get started...



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