There will not be any fake accounts on Facebook anymore. As it will be mandatory to link a Aadhar Card with FB.

Link Aadhar with Facebook (New Mandate)

It seems that Aadhaar is well on its way to become the most authentic identity proof in India. Because we have to link it to every where like, our bank accounts, mobile connecetions etc. 

Now even Facebook wants you to use your Aadhaar while creating a new account. Facebook is testing this feature and it will be live very soon. Facebook is implementing this feature just to get rid of fake accounts.

And you have to keep the same name which is reflecting on Aadhar. Otherwise FB will not approve your account.

According to a government reply in Parliament in June 2017, more than 200 government websites published names of beneficiaries of welfare schemes with their addresses and Aadhaar numbers.



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