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Tapp Me is initiating a step ahead to cater to Households, Corporates & Industries by providing professional and experienced technicians for all purposes in just a few ‘Tapps’.

Tapp Me introduces ‘One Stop Solution’ for all Repair Services in Gurugram

25th December 2017, Gurugram:

TappMe ,owned by Zaadoo Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Gurugram based start-up, that , has now announced its launch of Quality Office and Home Maintenance services in Gurugram. Tapp Me is a leading Service Provider in the Indian emerging market, that has successfully served Vishakapatnam, Patna and Jaipur households and has also gained a corporate clientele. It offers  the  ultimate solution to the daily hassle offending quality technicians for small and big repair jobs. A revolutionary platform in the unorganised repair and industry, With an aim to designing a self-sustaining model that not only smoothens daily home maintenance but also empowers skill development of labourers, has earlier proved to be a milestone for Tapp Me. Tapp Me is a ground-breaking platform in the unorganized repair industry.

IIT duo Mr. Snehanshu Gandhi and Mr. Gaurav Shrishrimal conceptualized Tapp Me, to be a one stop solution for all the household daily requirements..The brand has already endeavoured in Visakhapatnam, Patna and Jaipur and will soon be expanding in other cities rigorously. Talking about the services they offer, , Mr. Snehanshu Gandhi, Co-founder, Tapp Mesaid, “We are a group of young and dynamic professionals with over 50+ years of collective experience. Our constant efforts in making hassle-free repair services which are viable, reliable, credible, and leave you with a smile led to a revolutionary product like Tapp Me. We are aiming to not just be the ‘One Stop Solution’ but also a game changer for local lives, helping them in becoming self-reliant!

Gurugram being closer to Delhiand serving as one of the major corporate hubs, still resorts to local contractorsfor repair and renovation jobs. However, customer dissatisfaction, lack oftechnical expertise, non-adherence to safety norms, a disregard for punctuality,slip-shod work and absence of standard pricing are quite common place here.  To address these issues, Tapp Me blended management& technology in perfect proportions to build a platform for repair & renovationneeds thus filling the gaps in a rather incomplete process. It ensured highdegrees of operational efficiency by providing quality services throughextensive skill development  and transparencyof work through a web based dashboard.


Tapp Me aims to create a nichein this market with its hassle-free maintenance services while simultaneouslycreating job opportunities for skilled technicians.


While informing about theinitiative Mr. Gaurav Shrishrimal, Co-Founder, Tapp Me says, “Thegenesis of Tapp Me lies in encouraging skill development to the daily laborersand providing them with a regular source of income, that is non – existent inthe un-organized sector.”. Shrishrimal also believes that thesetechnicians are not well-regarded by the customers, as they are consideredunskilled.


This gateway will not onlypromote skill development in the country but will also provide a platform tothe skilled technicians and labourer’s exploring opportunities to earn a livingin an organized and considerate manner. “Our one stop shop for all servicesoffers timely service, 15-day Warranty, easy accessibility through call center,website and app, background verified & trained technicians and standardpricing without any visiting charges,” adds Mr. Gandhi.


Tapp Me is there to address all thechallenges by providing a one stop solution for maintenance services throughtechnology intervention (addressing the access & safety issues) and skilldevelopment of the technicians (addressing the quality and standardizationissues).


It is worth mentioning here that the homeservices business in India is a $15B to $100B opportunity, depending on which servicesthat are considered under this. Most of the companies working in this space aremajorly focused on metropolitan or tier-1 cities whereas emerging smart citieshold a bigger opportunity in the arena.


“Tapp Me’s match-making algorithm and robust backend systems ensure that once a customer places a request, the nearest technicians are notified,depending on their availability and the services required by the customer. With booking slots starting as early as 45 minutes from request submission, this is a truly on-demand Repair Service Provider”, continues Gandhi .. But that’s not all, they have  also collaborated with True Caller for priority listing of their numbers so that customers can easily identify calls from their call-centres or repairmen. This will definitely make the hiring of repairmen more seamless and less cumbersome, which is after-all the ultimate goal of Tapp Me.


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