Zebpay is a bitcoins exchanging platform to buy or sell bitcoin in India or around the world. We have the latest Zebpay Review given by its users.

Zebpay Review Company

Zebpay started in 2012 as the first India Bitcoin exchange company. They have started their operations to make bitcoins exchanging very easy and fast using your debit or credit card. They have launched their apps for Android and iOs. Using these you can buy or sell btc anytime using your handy device or mobile phone.

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Zebpay Review Summary

They have 4 million registered users exchanging bitcoins everyday. Everyone is satisfied as they have the best and cheapest conversion rate. Some of their users are little bit disappointed because of its process to buy bitcoins. However this process is just for your security and safety. Thus it takes little bit time. As firs you have to transfer the money in zebpay bank account using netbanking. Then you have to put the transaction id in app. Then they will verify it and once transaction is verified bits will be transferred.

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Zebpay Review Conclusion

As we have done a survey on various social networks to get the real Zebpay Review. We found that this app is the fastest application to buy or sell bitcoins. And most of the registered users are fully satisfied with its features and process.

We have rated it 9.4 out of 10

What are your review about it. Kindly comment below to let us know.



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